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iLuca Lite

The next gen marketing intern.

Available February 2019.
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Human deep learning

at its best.

Many years of continued devlopment and advanced testing in Schools as well as on the field were necessary to implement one of iLuca's key features:

The ability to learn by experience.

Human deep learning

at its best.

Precious years of theoretical & strategic development in renowned Swiss schools as well as in the field in creative agencies were necessary to implement one of iLuca's key features:

A strong knowledge & the ability to learn by experience.

Every day spent in the office will greatly enhance the relevance of its ideas and interactions. 


Thanks to daily auto-updates, it's designed be very quickly operational, generally only a few days after its introduction into its new work environment. 

Try and see by yourself


Good for you. Good for the planet.

iLuca is an incredibly eco-friendly product, crafted exclusively with very durable and organic, high-end human-like materials.

No plastic components. Very low carbon footprint.


This is a 100% biodegradable product.

Ultra soft skin 

Comes with a unique, copper-colored hair variation

Included accessories

Ultra High Precision (UHP)

Swiss watch

The time interns arrived late every morning is long gone.

iLuca is one of the most punctual products of its category, thanks to years of development in Switzerland.

Diamond Sight 16k


While giving your intern a smarter and undeniable more handsome look, these stylish 16k glasses actually enhance by 1.75x its precision at beerpongs at corporate evening events.

What previous users think of it:

Marine Fremont

Marketing Account Manager @ Black&Gold Agency, Paris

"During this experience, Luca demonstrated all the excellent potential anticipated upon his arrival. 
Luca was responsible for the overall management of each of his projects within a diverse portfolio of brands (Food, Cosmetics, Alcohol) and on various problematics: Visual Identities, Innovation, Packaging design, (Re)branding. 


Luca showed a high organizational capacity, has lot of rigor and listening capacity.

For each project, he showed high commitment and motivation.

Luca has also frequently demonstrated his creativity by bringing directly exploitable ideas to the agency."

January 2018

Monique Le Meur

Director of Education @ CREA Business School, Geneva

"An artificial intelligence in the form of a 100% Swiss-made Army knife, whose different performances have been validated both in terms of digital skills and relational skills.

iLuca is the latest model on the market and we are particularly proud of the perfect balance of this essential recruit to your teams."

July 2018

A selection of companies and brands 

iLuca has worked with:

A creative extension for iLuca Lite:


Orchestral Electro-Pop Music Production

While having a strong interest for marketing & brands, iLuca is also known as LUKYA for its

electronic music project.

Heavily influenced by the film industry, its style is a creative fusion of orchestral & pop music.

After releasing a first successful remix in 2016 (160k + Streams), LUKYA has started releasing original compositions and has already been invited by Universal Music France to play Live Shows in Paris, France. 


OSIntern is available in English, French and German.


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Available February 2019. 

Pre-Order now.

(6 months-long mininum contract)